Monday, August 08, 2005

Terrorism, and art

But obviously not the two at once. The 4 suspects who were arrested a while ago on charges of attempting to bomb the London transport system have appeared in court today, charged with various offences. A number of other people have been arrested and charged with failing to give out information.

There’s already been a debate as to whether a substantial risk of serious prejudice as to their guilt or innocence has been created by the rather ‘eager’ 24-hour news coverage of their arrests and so on. We’ll see what happens but just between you and I, I suspect that any jurors will automatically think they’re guilty before they’ve heard a thing from counsel for either side.

Meanwhile, fury down in Cardiff as the Welsh Assembly Conservative leader predictably rants about the alleged misuse of taxpayers’ money on art for the new Assembly Building. I make no comment on the new building myself, because it doesn’t exist fully yet, but when you consider that the price of 4 works of art totals less than 1% of the total cost. Philistine.

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