Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Music and life

If anyone is inclined to moan at me about how terrible it is that classical music isn’t valued enough today and is going to die in future, I’ll be pointing them to this site, in which a young professional musician argues more relevantly and cogently exactly why it matters that classical music is liberated from the chains of pessimism and catapulted into today.

I’m reminded of a heated argument I inadvertently started with a group of organists on a collective email list a few years back. They were nearly all older than 40, some as young as 30, the average age 55ish. I innocently asked why it was so bad to have a TV series dynamically explaining the organ and its music.

I got at least a few private emails back (from 50something church musicians, you understand) telling me, amongst other things, to ‘shut up’, ‘fuck off’, and ‘stop trying to ruin music’. Hmm. And then these same people cry crocodile tears over the future corpse of their so-called love. “And each man kills the thing he loves...”

The same can’t be said of the above musician.

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