Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans airport reopens for relief flights, Evacuees to be moved to Houston TX, Bleak reality takes hold

The latest: Water levels appear to have equalised on the levee breach at Lake Pontchartrain, so no more water will flood into the city except at high tide. Special sandbags are being brought in to plug the gap, and then pumping can start.

However, the situation in both the city and region remains dire. Residents who have been sheltering in the city’s Superdome are preparing to be moved to Houston, TX, as officials there get ready for their arrival. Bush has cut short his holiday to return to Washington — seen by many as window-dressing.

Conditions on the coast in general mirror those in the city: widespread flooding which will take months to fully assess and solve; an unknown amount of survivors / deaths; dwindling or non-existent food and water supplies; no way to dispose of waste and sewage; physical devastation of structures. Essentially, a wasteland until rebuilding efforts can be planned and started.

The best sources for updates: Times-Picayune’s Newsblog, WWLTV's Katrina Updates page, Google News top stories, The Irish Trojan’s Blog.

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Continuous image gallery updates on the Times-Picayune’s general site.

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