Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ideal world

Someone just asked me what I'd do for entertainment in an ideal world.

I typed the following:

Morning, up earlyish but not so early that I'm bleary. Nice cool morning, hot coffee and croissants outside in green, delicate garden. Medium-long, hot bath. With either Radio 3 or 4 on in the background. Dress. Trip, by train, out of cool, modern but tiny Norwegian / Icelandic / Swiss alpine village where I live, with good book, magically arriving in large but originally medieval town for lunch. Wander around the cathedral after lunch, impromptu organ concert. Preferably Bach, Glass and Messiaen. Another train trip by magic train to London, nice jaunt in the tube to Tate Modern, to see some Cy Twombly. Beer and olives in the cafe afterwards. Magically end up in the Lake District for an early evening walk around a lake surrounded by mountains before dinner in an excellent little restaurant in Ambleside. Old-fashioned but magic train home, via a bar in, why not, Northern Canada, to catch some snow, fir trees and the Northern Lights, before getting back to Norway / Iceland / Switzerland, a LONG hot bath, whisky, continental sausage and cheese, and then bed.