Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Latest

New Orleans is still being lashed by 125 mph winds as the hurricane moves inland, but St Bernard Paris in the city is under water which is rising: foolhardy residents who stayed have been forced into their attics as the first floors of their houses were inundated.

Elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, the storm flung boats onto land in Mississippi, lashed street lamps and flooded roads in Alabama, and swamped highway bridges in the Florida Panhandle. At least a half-million people were without power from Louisiana to Florida's Panhandle, including 370,000 in southeastern Louisiana and 116,400 in Alabama, mostly in the Mobile area.

At New Orleans’ Superdome, home to 9,000 storm refugees, the wind peeled pieces of metal from the golden roof, leaving two holes that let water drip in. People inside were moved out of the way. Others stayed and watched as sheets of metal flapped and rumbled loudly 19 stories above the floor.

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