Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A lovely wine shop, and other links

This is very much a first-thing, not-enough-coffee-yet posting, so don’t blame me if it’s disjointed. Because it will be.

First off, there’s a wonderful new wine shop in New York. Yes, New York. I don’t care that this is Belfast; I have the place down on my list for some future visit. It looks amazing in terms of its design (click on the link and then through to the photogallery, top right) and its unobtrusively computerised wine guides are the clincher: even if you have never visited before, the way you drink wine is your guide. Via Gothamist.

A railway of death in London. Shocking news that the Guantánamo military commissions are rigged. The unsettling story of Ted the Caver, for all you Descent aficionados. I suspect the movie may have nicked the idea from the site but can’t be sure.

Nice night photos of Cambridge - MetaFilter’s thread thereon.

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