Monday, June 07, 2004

Spy on your MP – See photos – Take Photos

TheyWorkForYou is a new beta site which is maintained by a group of guys who say, in their intro to the site: “We are a dozen or so volunteers who think it should be really easy for people to keep tabs on their elected MP, and comment on what goes on in Parliament.”

It contains a way for you to search Hansard (the UK Parliamentary Record) easily and have your results presented as individual speeches. This feature currently goes back only as far as 2001. But the amazing thing is that you can type your postcode, see who your MP is, see their biography, their voting record, how often they’ve actually been in the House… very useful for some people, and very interesting for me.

A MetaFilter thread linking to excellent, high–resolution AP photos, and high–resolution photos of D–Day. (May disappear soon.)

Another MetaFilter thread containing a moderate flamewar — arising from signs that Bush’s White House may be slowly imploding. Hopeful news if ever I heard any!

And finally: although London’s underground travellers haven’t had the right to take photos on the Tube for some time, New York’s citizens are facing their first such ban. And they’re protesting, as Gothamist reports and Unrelated News shows.

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