Thursday, June 17, 2004

d00d, TH15 r0x0r j00r b0x0rz

G3t y0ur PHr3Ku3N7ly H4s|{3d K0o?St330nZ 4n5w3r3d H3r3:

“w00t”, “w007”, or “\^/007” or the smiley “\o/” is a common interjection, analogous to “Yeah!” or “Yippee!” One view is that it originated as a variant of the interjection “whew”. Another view believes that it is from hacking, when a hacker would exclaim “Root!” when he got root access. Yet another view is that it originated from an acronym for Want One Of Those. It actually got started as part of the online arena–FPS gaming community (esp. Quake) — short for “We Own the Other Team”.

And just in case you still have no idea — why not????/ The linked article is from Wikipedia and describes ‘Leet’ in detail.

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