Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lovely roofscapes, and more

A while ago, I was entranced by a feature in Time Out New York about rooftop homes and gardens in New York. From the old Brooklyn Daily Eagle building (where a wonderful loft apartment has been created) to Rockefeller Center above, it has photos of wonderful homes, not to mention a Japanese tea garden. Photos from ground level are also included to give some perspective on how magic these places are.

This month, New York opens its doors for the yearly NY Open House — places you usually wouldn’t be able to see can be home to your wandering feet and prying eyes. I particularly like the building of the Folk Art Museum, and the Prince George Hotel — those are in Manhattan alone.

I’m reminded of my wander around various forbidden London places in 2001. London Open House was the aider and abetter of those transgressive trips over a weekend, in which I visited the Midland Grand Hotel, 19 Princelet Street (wonderful place, wonderful), the Old Operating Theatre (stuck in the roof of a Queen Anne church!)... and I probably intended to visit more after the Hotel, but Jonathan and I probably had more immediately pressing engagements with a cosy café.

Back to New York for a moment: a young poet drowned in the Hudson River after jumping in to retrieve a dropped bag containing his notebook. Writers among you will understand. And moving away from New York while still including it: amazingly goodlooking underground railway stations throughout the world.

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