Monday, October 17, 2005

Light, wood, and angles

And you get this as a result. It’s a ‘mirror’ made of little wooden panels, lit from the top, and when someone stands in front of it the panels are tilted by a computer to produce a corresponding image. Once you think about the understanding of light and shade required to create it, rather than just the computer which operates it, it’s quite amazing.

Also, inspired by wonderful and expansive threads about classical music on Metafilter, I decided to nick a big pile of my dad’s CDs and rip them. (Remember, when ripping classical music to mp3, use LAME for encoding, and make sure that you choose the “extreme” preset to make sure that the bitrate averages about 300. If you want lossless ripping, still with some compression, but very large filesizes, use FLAC.)

And what riches I rediscovered. If blogs are your way of finding out about anything new or interesting, try reading these classical music blogs: PostClassic, Sequenza21, The Rest is Noise.

Panoramic views of the extravagantly decorated metro stations of Moscow. An utterly superb site.

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