Thursday, October 13, 2005

House on the Rock

Following on from the earlier post which touched on the wild Winchester Mystery House, I was introduced (via a post on MetaFilter about said abode) to the House on the Rock, Wyoming Valley, US. It seems to be a chaotic museum with insanely large collections of everything, including some cobbled-together organ consoles with 15 manuals, etc. etc. Also, there’s an infinity room — really a huge cantilevered glass spike projecting horizontally over the treetops. Its end is the photo above.

Other things: Gothamist announces that Apple have a new iPod out, and a new iMac too. No official announcements yet, but MetaFilter links to advance photos.

Finally, again, shameless linking to other sites with no real discoveries of my own — Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony — lots of interesting resources. And for the sake of completeness, take a look at how the creaky classical industry responded to the BBC’s Beethoven download-fest earlier this year.

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