Saturday, February 26, 2005

Joy Zipper

Some news. Schism in the Anglican Communion is now on the cards. Apparently those men in robes meeting in Newry have decided that they cannot commune with the American and Canadian churches which continue down a more libertarian path. But only temporarily, you understand, so they can ‘consider their position’. Hmm. Somehow I don’t think they will reconsider. Although different pressures may be brought to bear — a desire to be whole on the one hand and a life in the 21st century on the other — so it’ll be interesting.

And just for future reference, the US may drop a couple of bombs on Iran later this year. May do. Don’t know.

And most importantly since it’s the weekend, I predict that Joy Zipper are going to get quite popular (although not outrageously so) when their forthcoming album adds to their already highly–pleasing output. We’ve had it for a year but they only get it in the US now. Heh. Via Gothamist.

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