Friday, February 11, 2005

Golden rivers in the trees

photo of new york central park

I’m relieved that, apart from coffee, my first proper post about the city of New York will be about its citizens and visitors looking at it in a new way by means of beauty. For tomorrow, the 12th of February, will see rivers of gold flow through the lower branches of the trees in Central Park.

Relief aside, it’s an amazing project. Created by Christo and Jeanne–Claude, the people who most famously wrapped the Reichstag in Berlin, The Gates in Central Park (which I’ve read a lot about on Gothamist) will span 23 miles of the park’s footpaths. Golden material will hang from the top of each ‘gate’, making it look like there’s shimmering warmth hovering in the branches of the trees. Quite something on a freezing winter day in a brown and grey park at the heart of one of the world’s great cities!

Aside from the obvious visual effects, what I like to call the ‘Christmas Decoration effect’ will happen: old places will be made rich and strange for a while, and when it’s all taken away, those places will be new and old at the same time. Hmm... the presence of an effect through its absence.

While it’s present, though, check out its blog, The Gates @ Central Park.

Update, 12th Feb: They’re unfurled.

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