Thursday, February 03, 2005


In more senses than one! When I started Opera the other day and it started harvesting RSS feeds, it grabbed another few Moleskinerie posts (always nice) — and there was a recent post of mine featured on its front page! The ensuing discussion has been animated. Not at all sure whether I like being featured for being controversial, but I love having been featured by one of my favourite blogs!

Now for some more goodness, although not necessarily of the surprising kind. Last night, I set up a new blog for my friend Giles. It’s currently blank but when he makes the first post, it’ll go on the blogroll. Expect incendiary eloquence. Notebooks get a second airing on these pages with Ciak - I hadn’t heard of them before, but they look like colourful… you–know–whats.

Books, of the already–written variety, have seen quite a bit of riffling at my hands lately. I’ve been reading the Christmas presents for the first time, even reading some books which have remained virgin for months on end. And one in particular that I didn’t rate too highly has been getting what I’ll euphemistically call ‘some attention’ recently. The Da Vinci Code. A documentary about the supposed code itself was on TV here earlier, which just goes to show how a bestseller can influence what you see on the box. And here’s the Opus Dei website — there don’t seem to be too many flagellants there to me. But maybe it’s all just a civilised front. Heh! ;o)

I know. Flaying yourself with a whip isn’t goodness, and I said I’d bring you goodness. Alright then. Delighted to. Now I’m going to wind down before bedtime. Night!

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