Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Internet Map by

the internet. Actually, it's not really a map as such: it doesn't have domain names and if it did, this colourful splurge would have to be the size of a few football pitches. Strictly speaking, it’s a graph. I think. Anyway, read more by clicking the link.

I’ve posted before about the film Donnie Darko but have never reviewed it. I went to see it when everyone was still asking “Is that a movie?” instead of saying “I should maybe see it sometime”. And even then, five big gold stars would have been pinned to its weird little bunny suit by my willing hands.

But now there’s an even better excuse for me to get my head out of my solar plexus and get writing: Donnie Darko The Director’s Cut is out. And yes, I’ve bought a copy. Haven’t seen it yet. But watch this space! (If you’re wondering how on earth 20 minutes’ worth of extra footage could make a difference, apparently it does, and it’s not just thematic or narrative either. For those unafraid of spoilers, a pretty much exhaustive changes list is here.) And the website is here.

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