Saturday, October 09, 2004

Friday night paraphernalia

Austrian Cultural Forum, New York HQ. This building is 24 storeys tall but sits on the tiny footprint of a townhouse. Image (c) ACFNY

I’m in the mood for New York, since this weekend is their Open House - but even so it’s far less impressive than London’s events, which is a shame because a city like New York should play host to well over a hundred ‘Open Houses’ rather than tens. If you don’t know what an Open House is for a city, it’s when loads of buildings you don’t ever get to see suddenly allow you to walk around for a couple of days. Amazing.

And for the characteristically peripathetic link of the week, something that seems random: the Scottish Enlightenment. No, it’s not what hapens when you see just exactly what’s really under a Scotsman’s kilt, but a cultural explosion of a couple of hundred years ago. I particularly like the e–texts page. And why? Because this is one of the things I studied in uni – pretty unsurprisingly, since uni was in Aberdeen.

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