Monday, October 11, 2004


(As MetaFilter would say.) — Jacques Derrida is… not.

So, the man who famously said “The center is not the center” has died. Academic criticism in the humanities in general was enriched – some would say messed up – by his work. From the rather turgid theorising of Wordsworth and Eliot, and Saussure’s theoretical robustness, literary criticism was dragged kicking and screaming into a new age where authors didn’t get to be authoritative about their own works and where the act of writing was (fittingly) inscribed in the brain of the reader. Anyway. You probably don’t understand this. I didn’t either, for a while. But if any of it interests you, the links are there.

Elsewhere, things magazine tells interesting stories about demolished Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, including a hotel in Tokyo whose façade has been recreated in an outdoor museum. Fitting, since Fallingwater abruptly fell down today.

A link from Bookslut about that most marvellously jarring of words: buggery. (Hey, at least it’s better than chinchilla sex.)

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