Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Heard on the tube…

From this site. The site owner says it’s gossip but I’m inclined to think of them as little sonic slivers of experiences rendered light and frothy because we overhear, rather than live, them.

You can’t take part in an foxhunt and then complain afterwards that you didn’t really want to do it.” – there goes one friendship.

I have no fucking interest in how some fucking journalist conquered her alcoholism and made an article out of it.” – I read this story in the Guardian. Actually quite boring. In parts.

Dr Who was not Welsh. He came from Gallifrey.” – superb wit. Of course they were talking about some actor but it doesn’t stop it being giggle–worthy!

I swear she had cum on her face.” – oh, the people we pass on the street.

I’m in the mood for spiritual ascension.” – this wasn’t you, Jonathan, was it?

Can anyone think of a good name for a cult?” – I can but I’m not telling. It’s patented. Heh.

Shitting hell.” – yep.

You’re not ugly, you just have a funny bone structure.” – this would be utterly tragic if the person saying it had a friend who really *did* have malformed bones.

David Beckham wears white socks. Fuck me.” – I keep imagining a cockney guy of about 50 saying this, deadpan, to nobody in particular while reading the paper. And I keep on grinning.

They aren’t rats, they are just very dirty mice.” – it took me ages to notice the mice on the tube, too, but I never thought they were rats.

Everyone is so gay.” – obviously said somewhere between Green Park and Leicester Square, although it’d be funnier heard in, for example, a really hard place like Canning Town.

Your headphones do make you look like a bit of a wanker.” – and cue the end of another friendship, or a fistfight between total strangers.

You won’t catch me riding a cock.” – nor me. Their little feathered backs are too small, and their legs too weak. A saddle would be tricky too. Hehe. ;o)

I’ve seen a lot of young men wearing cowboy hats and I don’t think it’s a good thing.” – aww, sweet old grannies these days!

There’s nothing more beautiful that that smell after it’s been raining.” – I agree.

Everyone nowadays is a pervert. What happened to old–fashioned boring sex?” – I can assure you it’s alive and well and living in Belfast. Grr.

All she did all day was talk about herself. She didn’t ask me a single question.” – said by the person who talks about themselves all day.

Oooh.... my nipples are hard.” – actually, I think this might have been me.

My son earns more fucking money than I do.” – yes but that’s because you’re not a rentboy.

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