Wednesday, September 17, 2008


American Folk Art Museum, originally uploaded by ekainj.

To make a break with the London posts but still stick with architecture for a while, because I’m still in the ‘larger architecture than my home town’ phase that comes after London:

I always like before-and-after photos of sites that have had new buildings built — or spaces where buildings were. So it’s fascinating and infuriating and encouraging to see this lengthy and hearty set of just such photos about new buildings in New York City. In a city that size, it’s unsurprising, I suppose, that so many striking (and sometimes strikingly ugly) buildings have appeared recently. But even London has a proportional paucity of such character in its brick and stone and metal people. Anyhow, do a bit of google searching on the addresses given in the article, because you will turn up far better photos of the new creations than the article is able to provide.

This New Orleans post mentions architecture too — new stuff before the storm, evacuation, stuff after the storm, and now old stuff being stolen. Or is everything old stuff now?

Finally, things magazine has an excellent entry on material spaces.

Now I need a little space inside my head. So if you’ll excuse me...

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