Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheese sandwiches, Borough Market, Step 3

Mmmmm. These are made with cheddar (the stall also do a separate dish with potatoes and raclette cheese, by the way), leeks, onions and garlic, on sourdough Poilane bread.

Note to self. Repeat this step many, many times.


Patrick said...

so, just as I finally get round to sorting my RSS stuff and setting your feed as a regular morning thing, you change it from a blog to a duplicate of your Flickr stream?


Glad you had a good trip, could have done with fewer of the V&A pics but it's fun seeing you all excited - can we have some word posts soon though?

paperpete said...

Well, when in London I have usually (at least the past couple of times) just posted annotated photos because when there it's about all I have time to do.

Now that I'm back, I'm editing some photos further, which takes time, but hopefully I will have the chance to write a proper post soon!