Sunday, June 18, 2006


This time, the silence has been caused by working longer hours / being far more tired than I usually am in the week. This results in a weekend mood whihc can only be described as ‘Oh sod it, I just want to take it easy’ and has meant, tragically, that I haven’t been posting here for a while - sincere apologies to all who care.

However, my mind hasn’t been a total blank. For a start, yours truly is getting his passport (hopefully reasonably promptly) and will then be zooming over to London. Hopefully in time to see Jonathan before he leaves for North Carolina. It’s also then my intention to go again before summer is over, but as with most travel it’ll come down to holiday time and money, so watch this space.

My surfing habits have been kept partially up to date, and for those who remember the long series of Hurricane Katrina-related posts I made in the autumn of last year, you might be interested to know that the US Army Corps of Engineers have released a voluminous report on what caused the damage in New Orleans — their own shoddy workmanship in building the original levees and floodwalls.

The site has a security certificate you must accept, but it won’t eat away at your private data or give it to George W, so don’t worry.

Flickr’s pool of photos of modernist houses reminds me of a house which very much fits that description here in Northern Ireland. And in Toronto, you can see houses that aren’t houses at all.

Now to the meaning of the photo above: United 93, the movie that by now everyone must know about. It’s a cold, sober examination of events on the ground and in the aircraft on the morning of 9/11, and the handling is masterful. There is no trace of grandiosity, histrionics or pomposity in presenting the material. Although audiences don’t watch films like this one in order to appreciate excellent artistic decisions and directorial mastery, such films would lose much if those advantages were absent and in this film they are not. Go to see it, and prepare for a very intense experience. That’s the sum total of my review.

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