Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yet again / Some nice links

Two weeks to the day after the attacks in London, there have been more explosions in the city, but people are being advised to remain at work and stay away from windows.

Small explosions, seemingly involving detonators going off but no actual explosives, occurred just after noon at Oval, Warren Street and Shepherd’s Bush tube stations, and the Hammersmith and City, Victoria and Northern lines have been suspended. At about half past one, there was another small explosions on a number 26 bus in Hackney, which is in the east of the city. Windows were blown out.

In what may prove to be an interesting development, a man who was carried on a stretcher into University College Hospital, close to Warren Streett tube, was followed into the building by armed officers, who later cordoned off a large area around the hospital. There were earlier reports that a man had been seen running away from the station.

Police said armed officers had been deployed to University College Hospital after an incident. A large area was cordoned off.

There were reports a memo had been circulated to staff to look out for a 6ft 2in black or Asian man with wires sticking out of his top.

The hospital has not received any casualties or been alerted to casualties.

A man was arrested near Downing Street by armed police and led away down Whitehall.

The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line, the Hammersmith and City line, Piccadilly and the Bakerloo line.

A number of other stations were closed including Great Portland Street, Westminster, Waterloo, St Paul’s and Oxford Circus tube stations, as well as Waterloo tube station and King’s Cross Thameslink.

Ho hum. I'm looking at all my London friends chatting away on the other monitor; yet again, no panic.

Update 1:

Police say that 2 people have been detained in connection with the incidents, and they are looking for an unknown number of fugitives. The situation at University College Hospital has ended.

In more news and links: Magic mushrooms are now Class A drugs in the UK, similar to Cocaine and Heroin. Google Moon. A guy kills his toddler son, fearing he might grow up gay. A book about the 1977 New York blackout, on Gothamist.

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