Monday, July 18, 2005

How about looking at it this way

Conversation from Metafilter:

So the UK’s foreign policy decisions should be submitted for approval of terrorists?
posted by dios at 6:40 PM CET on July 18 [!]

You don’t need the approval of the bees to stop kicking over beehives, dios. It’s just not a good idea in the first place.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 6:49 PM CET on July 18 [!]

Well, that is an odd way to look at it.

How about looking at it this way: if the right thing to do is to remove a beehive, does one concern itself if it upsets the bees?
posted by dios at 6:53 PM CET on July 18 [!]

If you want to extend the metaphor, pretend the bees are humans.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 6:56 PM CET on July 18 [!]

How about looking at it this way: if your blowhard hillbilly cousin Cletus walks in the room with a 2x4 and tells you the beehive needs to be knocked down because it’s full of dynamite, you can expect to get stung if you stand next to him while he whacks it.
posted by Armitage Shanks at 6:59 PM CET on July 18 [!]

Heh. This thread is about the release of a report by Chatham House, a security think-tank here in the UK. The report contains several interesting papers, including one on the peace process in Northern Ireland. But the real news here, after the recent attacks in London, is the bit of the report which confirms what everyone except Tony Blair has been saying. — Stand beside a man who stupidly pretends the beehive he’s thrashing is full of dynamite, and you will definitely get stung.

Nothing more to say on that, really. I’ll hold back on further Iraq comment until investigations have progressed a bit. Nipping over to Gothamist to check out the goodness, we find that Rick Ross, an expert on cults (like evil Scientology) is interviewed. He says of Tom Cruise (who is a Scientologist):

He lives in a kind of traveling Scientology bubble with his entourage of sycophants and assistants. It’s doubtful that he could have a serious personal relationship with an unbeliever.

Cruise is Scientology’s most important living asset and they wouldn’t want it any other way. It would be a “mission impossible” for someone to become his spouse without accepting Scientology. Tom Cruise arguably lost his last link to the other side when he replaced his publicist Pat Kingsley with his Scientologist sister. If he doesn’t want an unbeliever as a publicist, why would anyone think he wants one for a wife?

Well, quite. Which is why Katie Holmes has suddenly decided that, goodness, maybe she should become a Scientologist too.

Now, I know that Americans have strange spellings of certain words. But you’d think that on a site dedicated to words, there would be some sense of linguistic decorum. ;o) Heh. But no such luck. Here is a site called “My Favorite Word” which asks readers to nominate their word of choice. So, for the purposes of correctness, my favoUrite word is: favoUrite.

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