Saturday, June 11, 2005

Teenager imprisoned against own will by homophobic parents, Memphis, TN

A gay 16-year-old (link goes to his LiveJournal) has come out to his parents who have placed him in a christian-based ‘camp’ in which he will undergo ‘treatment’ to try to reverse his sexuality and make him straight.

The organisation’s website here. The teenager posted a list of all its deeply crazy and hateful rules.

A blog calls for action; another joins the call; protests are held as the teenager is now going through the 5th day of the loveless regime. (I got tipped off by MetaFilter.)

This is appalling. Read the list of their rules I've linked to above. Take a look at their site. Send email. If you live near Memphis, TN, consider protesting. If you’re a lawyer or know one likely to be sympathetic, please act now in whatever way you can. And if you’re a journalist with current access to a paper (as I so wish I was at times like this) please try to get this into your news meeting.

This teenager is not perfect. He is not more deserving of help and support than any other oppressed person on this planet. However, he’s a human being with a sexuality he’s sure of and he should be given every assistance to sue his parents and that place into the ground, and every shelter should he be subjected to further senseless violence. — This is nothing but violence, the program he is being forced through is psychological violence, and his experience should also serve as a wake-up call to any and all who care.

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