Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The fall of the grain elevator / Night photography

I’m sorry there’s no photo here, but all the photos I wanted to show are displayed on the excellent flash site for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio 3. You need to single-click the opening image to be taken to the table of contents.

Flash = no saving of images unless you have a program which I still haven’t reinstalled yet. But here are riches: for a start, the site is excellently designed and a joy to use. The point of this post: the night photography of Larrie Thomson. Wonderfully good. His dedicated site is here.

And within the same CBC site I linked to at the start is a series of writings and photos about the old wooden grain elevators (see the links page) of the prairie, which are gradually being torn down all over North America and making the grasslands empty again.

Via Incoming Signals.

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