Saturday, January 08, 2005

Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004

A photo of the effects of the tsunami

Well, it doesn’t seem nearly a fortnight ago that it happened, because even after two weeks, this most devastating of natural disasters is still creating daily havoc.

On Boxing Day, the TV networks were saying that the best information they were getting on the tsunami was over the internet, because the comparatively primitive communications infrastructure in many affected regions had been wiped out. So people blogged and blogged and blogged, and Wave of Destruction rapidly became the place to go for video and photo footage.

Flickr, which hosts some of the more recent photos on this blog, has a tagging function for photos, allowing this ‘tsunami’ page to become a photofilter of a kind, and Tony Denmark’s ‘before and after’ satellite photo gallery is taking so many hits that is getting angry with him, so go to Digital Globe’s original, fullsize tsunami photos as well / mostly!

Typically, Wikipedia has an extensive set of tsunami articles — the link goes to the category for the 2004 earthquake, from which you can browse for varied info.

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