Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The taller the building…

…the longer the fall, and so it’s proved at Ground Zero in New York City. As the Twin Towers continue to endlessly fall, invisibly, violently and silently through the fabric of the country, so the site where they fall claims another life. A young man who was said to be depressed — so depressed, in fact, by the re–election of Bush that he shot himself within the Twin Towers site. The first person to do so. In a way, I think it’s all a bit kitschy but I’m not sure why.

Elsewhere, a shot across the bows of the good ship Tobacco, with her grimy smokestack, from Gothamist — who seems to avoid answering the question of whether a woman living somewhere above a cigar–shop is being cigarred to death, and if so, what anyone at all should do about it.

It’s fitting that so much talk of death should be punctuated by new life, and lo, the –ists brought forth a new baby, and called it Londonist, and laid it in a server–stack because there was no room for it in Covent Garden. Whether its location shall be marked with a star or you’ll journey to worship it is entirely up to you.

A rather interesting meta–ish, meme–ish thing: 10X10. A hundred words and pictures that, according to MetaFilter, define the time, but which I think just tabulate the news in a cool way. (The site takes an idea from WORDCOUNT and makes good use of it.)

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