Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Back from London

Well. There’s so much that really can’t be written about in a way which would do it any justice; there are fragments that I can present, like Jonathan opening the door, the activity in the kitchen before Thanksgiving Dinner, the walk along the river in Greenwich, seeing the Oxford Street Christmas Lights from the Docklands Light Railway late at night… all these things.

There are more, of course — the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhbiition at the Natural History Museum, which was excellent but less so than last year’s and infested with young, male, real wildlife at every turn. The V&A’s new Architecture Gallery which exhibits superb architectural drawings and a truly gargantuan isometric, hand–drawn cutaway of St. Paul’s Cathedral, a superb wooden model of the Tempietto — and there I’ll stop because if I continued, I’d continue all night and that’s not what you’re here for. Yet. ;o)

What else can I tell you? Not nearly enough in a blog post. Not nearly enough about Saturday night at Retro Bar and Ghetto with Owen and Mage. In short, it was a few days in that most kaleidoscopic of cities, London. Even if Jonathan did feel melancholy sometimes. ;o)

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