Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn day

Autumn day - mushrooms, originally uploaded by peripathetic.

The Guardian says today should really be a bank holiday, so it's good fortune that I decided before the weekend that today would be a day off.

So after reading the article and smiling at my freedom, I had a cup of hot coffee and headed out into the very autumnal local woodland for some photography, which you can see more of if you click the photo and explore the rest of the set.


Patrick said...

*is slightly jealous of Pete's day in the woods*

Beautiful! *sigh* I particularly like this one

Did you mess around with the colour values at all?

paperpete said...

Aside from adjusting the stupid Canon daylight white balance to get it a bit less yellow, the colours are pretty much as I saw them. There was a lot of yellowy light, mind you, because there were a lot of yellow leaves still on the trees. And I did adjust some photos downwards by as much as a full stop of exposure, but not many. The one of the trees by the culverted stream was adjusted severely for exposure, black levels and contrast, because if I hadn't, it would have looked like a dark hole. :o/

Oh yes, and I'm working on a temporary monitor which is uncalibrated. Mine died and I'm waiting for payday. :o(

Patrick said...

in that case I'm even more jealous than I already was - what a stunning day it must have been.

Sympathies for your monitor predicament. I hope it gets fixed soon