Monday, March 09, 2009


From an msn conversation earlier:

Pete says:
It's not such a biggie, for our peace process, I hope. And everyone's saying it isn't. But all the same - and I don't know whether this is respect or shock or something more - Belfast city centre was noticeably quieter as I walked home today. Less people around.

Words fail me. I heard the news a couple of days ago and the first thought through my mind was - 2 young dead guys. Fucking hell. Second thought - are we THERE? AGAIN?!

Of course, we're not. But we've all leant forward in our chairs, here, a little. We just haven't stood up and gone in search of matches, candles and emergency supplies - or petrol bombs, thankfully.

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giles said...

It was interesting that the general public was universally incredulous as we have all become so accustomed to peace. Hope you're having a ball in London. see ya soon