Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Heat in Belfast? No!

Victoria Square, Belfast, originally uploaded by dukeyandelmo.

It was hot last Saturday. That's true. But I didn't realise it was so hot that the dome at Victoria Square was closed for a time as temperatures hit 30 degrees.

I wandered through, briefly, for the first time, with my friend John and thought, hmm, it's nice. But not that nice. For a start, those wooden platforms could have been made with a single curving sweep of wood, not angular panels. And the surrounding architecture could have been a bit more cohesive.

But at least we have one place in Belfast that's truly hot. That's a first.


giles said...

I think the victoria centre is a bit of a let down. Mainly expensive women's shops as far as I can see.

Peter.A.S.H said...

Pete, I feel that a curving sweep of wood would confirm what already resemble giant antibiotics. Perhaps T+T Design or BDP pondered on this prior to completion. I can't really comment on the overall structure, having missed out, due to necking Guinness in the Empire Bar avec toi. I'm sending Zaha over to sort the place out. X