Saturday, September 22, 2007

Architectural things

Forgive the briefness, but I promise you, these links are good ones. I have a cold. Enough said.

The Stockholm subway really does give the impression of being hewn out of solid rock — because it is. Zaha Hadid — remember the name. The Glasgow Museum of Transport’s conceptual rendering looks like a line of gabled industrial workshops has been slightly melted like butter, and swirled.

I’ve touched on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house before, but this post on MetaFilter presents a rendered movie of the place which is just amazingly good.

Ignore those on the thread who tell you that he built the house on top of the commissioning family’s favourite picnic rock — he built it around the rock so that it formed part of the hearth in the livingroom. Also, ignore 2blowhards on the subject of Wright’s houses. Their criticisms are like saying of the Pantheon, “But it’s got a hole in the roof. Stupid primitive Romans.”

Seeing Wireframe London opens up a small universe of play inside my head. Not sure why yet. The river is the only thing that’s solid. Which chimes perfectly with a book I have recently devoured.

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