Saturday, August 04, 2007


First of all, many, many apologies to everyone who still reads this blog for the silence. I haven’t died, nor have I become brain-dead, although a distinct sense of slowness in the brain department after coming back from work these days is chiefly to blame. Anyway, on with the post.

I’ll start up again slowly today, with a few interesting links. In the history of both Windows and Mac OSes, one of the most user-customised features has been the background image on the desktop: the wallpaper. And here is a web-based wallpaper search tool which operates via a flickr API to allow you to search for your choice of wallpaper by pixel resolution, image format and keyword. Of course, you’re restricted to the images available on flickr but that’s hardly a disadvantage. I have a marvellous Japanese moss garden to soothe and cheer me when I power up the silicon beast.

I’m going to have a dinner party on the Tube just like this one when I go to London. No, I didn’t say absolutely the next time I go to London, but sometime. And here’s a mimic. And here’s an interesting piece of psychology.

Finally, if you’ve watched the last few clips and wouldn’t mind leaning back to enjoy them again, but this time with a drink in your hand, do learn a little more about an essential cocktail ingredient.

More soon.

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