Thursday, January 04, 2007


Did anyone know about Camden Town tube station in London being covered with rather exuberant graffiti over Christmas? I didn't, but the results are... colourful. Can’t say I think they’re art, but I do like it when staid British authority gets sneaked up on and laughed at every now and then. Unless, of course, the taggers in question actually damaged any tiles or fixtures, in which case I’ll ’ave ’em myself!

The BBC has compiled a list of 100 things it didn’t know this time last year. I’m assuming that’s the same as 100 things everyone didn’t know, but looking at some entries I’m not so sure. But they’re diverse — the torrid revelation that most Indian guys find standard condoms too big (can’t say the same), the worrying stat about hospital keyboards and MRSA, ditto cow farts.

Others I definitely did know — the consistency of the brain, coprolalia, cats frightening bears, the medical benefits of music, and that thinking about muscle can make you stronger.

A landscape architecture blog has a magnificent photo of a bit of the new machine inside CERN’s Large Hadron [*] Collider, while ages I posted a photo of a huge cavernous chamber there.

[*] I typed that, first, as Hardon Collider. Heh. Heheheh.

Get all your South Park episodes. And here too. Videos of cool and freaky physical properties here. Finally, if you like rocks and intrigue, read about Cerro Torre.

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