Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rip their little hearts out

I can’t quite believe that even Tony Blair is saying this: it’s possible to spot families who will have problem children, and if such families don’t accept help they’ll be sanctioned.

Mr Blair told BBC News his government had made “massive progress” in tackling social exclusion but there was a group of people with multiple problems.

There had to be intervention “pre-birth even”, he said.

What a profoundly invasive, not to mention insulting, mistake. For a start, there are plenty of lionized artists and musicians and painters who actually enriched the world and, not to mention because, they came from what Tony would call menacing backgrounds.

Further, what kind of information would the Government need to compile lists of such families if we had such madness on the statute book? Hmm? Any thoughts? Maybe ID cards? Maybe a lot more information about every individual than many people would be comfortable with.

Because consider this: Tony Blair isn’t saying that the sanctions would be applied in situations where a parent applies to claim a state benefit. Hew’s saying, so far at least, that these sanctions would apply across the board — which they’d have to, if he’s serious about the menace of embryo hoodlums.

In other words: we’ll sanction families even when they haven’t asked us for anything if they don’t accept our ‘help’.

For that, you’d need information on whether or not they were having a relationship, not to mention their sexuality.

Just saying.

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