Thursday, September 29, 2005

Robert Smithson: Floating Island

Robert Smithson, best known for creating Spiral Jetty (which I previously examined) has had a posthumous triumph with the eventual creation of his Floating Island, first planned by him in 1970. His concept was not detailed: apart from the general form and that the trees should come from the New York region, all that was required was that the ‘island’ was to be constructed on a river barge.

Well, the island finally made it to New York. There’s a flickr photoset of the island here. A blogger eloquently examines a more forgotten Smithson work, Amarillo Ramp.

Just so I don’t neglect them through lack of a better place to file them, here are two oddities: a mysterious oil which acts directly on the central nervous system to produce dangerous delusions which are hard to treat, and a wild, rambling house.

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