Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dates and haiku and windows

No, I don’t mean you to reach for the Medjool that you weren’t embarrassed enough to change your mind about in the supermarket. I don’t mean you to reach for your little volume of Basho. (Although you can, if you like. If anyone reading this also reads Basho.) I certainly don’t invite you in the slightest to muse on the wonders of Microsoft.

I mean you to take a quick click over to these corners of the web. The first is a Gothamist interview with Joel Derfner (Joel, you look lovely but your surname is as bad as mine) who has just published a book of gay haiku. The second is his blog, a rather snappish but entertaining affair all about... well, men. Variations on a theme. You almost expect him to stop in the middle of the street, cry “Oh why do I have to possess emotion?!”, and stride off, frustratedly, in search of coffee. Which is nice, but grinworthy.

Meanwhile, in London, Jonathan sees the extraordinary.

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