Monday, April 11, 2005

No electricity. Fighting, hunger and death?

This article scares the shit out of me:

These are daunting and even dreadful prospects. The Long Emergency is going to be a tremendous trauma for the human race. We will not believe that this is happening to us, that 200 years of modernity can be brought to its knees by a world?wide power shortage. The survivors will have to cultivate a religion of hope ? that is, a deep and comprehensive belief that humanity is worth carrying on.

Yes, the article really scares the shit out of me. So much will go to wrack and ruin, seriously. Let’s see, things I take for granted: the ability to go hear organ recitals in a concert hall. Concert halls will have closed ? and / or have been swept aside for farmland where possible. The ability to use my bank cards in a cash machine. What cash machine? Listen to music? On / through / with what, exactly? Surf the net? What net?

*whimpers, thinks of buying cyanide capsules just in case*

But actually, since stuff I care about like arts and culture and sciences and things will go on, I’m encouraged: think of how much printing will cost, think of the return to hot metal, even just think of how amazing books are going to be when writers must be carefully chosen again and today’s designers learn about actual metal typesetting. But jesus, everything will be so scary. Think of medicine without electrically?mass?produced medicines and therapies, for example.

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