Monday, March 14, 2005

Always writing, but sometimes writing

If creative writing is birth, then blogging is The Pill — or at least, it is or has been to some writers! Interesting little snippet over at rodcorp about the phenomenon. (via MetaFilter)

The thread and novel are pretty bare, but to give you the general idea, here’s a quote from novelist William Gibson (whose blog is here):

I do know from doing it that [blogging’s] not something I can do when I’m actually working. ... If I expose things that interest or obsess me as I go along, there’d be no need to write the book. The sinews of narrative would never grow.

Myself, I find very much that if I blog ‘too much’ then I write less often than I’d like to. It’s not so much that I feel there’s no need for my kind of poetry when I’m blogging — and even less that I feel blogging is a close second to poetic development because it just isn’t.

Rather, I think that what makes most writers blog less when writing more, or write less when blogging more, is that blogging takes time. And writing takes time. And the necessary thinking before that writing — well, it usually takes a great deal of solitary introspective time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and people get tired, too.

That said, I don’t think that I’ve misplaced any of my poetic material here at peripathetic. I’ve been quite deliberately avoiding ‘writer’s notebook’ entries for the most part, precisely because I want to keep one particular set of creative batteries highly charged. And if I ever go quiet here for a long time and don’t give a specific reason, that’ll be because I’m writing.

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